About Us


Triad Collection transforms the fashion merchandising business model through its philosophy of selling unique statement pieces that blend spirituality with dazzling design. Triad Collection was founded in 2016 with this absolute commitment to provide our customers with meaningful jewelry and accessories. Due to the ever changing merchandising landscape after Covid-19, we have expanded to provide our unique jewelry and accessories online with the launch of TriadCollection.com in 2020. Everything in our online shop has been carefully curated to offer only the most stunning statement pieces from our partner brands.



Our founder and CEO, Elsa Guzman, brings ten years of experience in the fashion accessories industry, working as a director of sales in New York City. Her career in sales has focused on establishing enduring relationships with high-end specialty stores such as hotels, museums, and luxury multi-brand boutiques. So far, the business has achieved a nation-wide network of buyers, and an international network of manufacturers and designers.

Triad Collection's future is truly promising. The private labeling division was just created to develop even more opportunities for new and existing clients. This new division will be able to connect established brand and/or public personalities with product development opportunities - offering cost-efficient production  design, development, and manufacturing with rigorous quality control. Our mission is to help our clients accomplish their dreams of designing and selling special pieces of jewelry by facilitating the product development process as well as the complete sales cycle.